“ A Thought ” ~ I beg hold ~

On my mind

Be a thought

I beg hold,

Plead ought

Despite told,

Stated recall

Running cold,

As age’s gift

Aims uphold,

Its fated way

To so define,

A wary play

For its time,

Be a thought

In grey mind,

Slipping away

Denied bind,

Despite sway

Means to find,

Its abject guide,

That it may stay

As thought of worth ,

To indulge fading days!

                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier


10 thoughts on ““ A Thought ” ~ I beg hold ~

    • Something one writes that evokes thought leading to Whitman’s notoriety, influence by Emerson and Poe, is compliment and indeed an honour. Thank you Paulette!


  1. “As age’s gift
    Aims uphold”
    I got goosebumps when I read these lines. I was looking over photos of me some 15 years ago. How young I looked. How ready I was to experience a new day. And oh, the adventures I have had in the ensuing years. We have been granted life – a marvelous gift. But there is an expiration date. So I continue to look forward to a new day. Thank you dear, Jean-Jacques for your words of wisdom.

    • Oh yes pictures, like taken ten years ago one thought they were awful at the time. But that ten years later you have another look, and you’re wishing you look like that now. And that now I speak of in this poem, A Thought, for which one begs fate allows us to recall all we wish to remember, as memory grows noticeably with time. All this to say, that wisdom does not come cheap, as one must accept to yield memory to acquire and accumulate. Thank you dear Rebecca, for your continued interest and generous observations on my work.


  2. One of my rare times that I am visiting you, dear Jean-Jacques, and what a treat it is -to hide behind a cliche for lack of an intelligent, insightful, meaningful, and noteworthy comment in the face of your poetry. Wishing you the best in everything, and looking forward to reading many many many more of your lyrical art, dear friend.

    • I do like your hiding, in plain sight as it were” A positive comment the like from you is a good way to start the week, and I thank you profusely dear friend!


      • I am sorry to have to disagree with you, dear friend, as I am the one to thank you (and I most certainly do) “profusely” for your presence here – an uttermost treasured presence.

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