“ Another Thought ” ~ said be lost ~

I’m aware

Of a thought,

On the way

Said be lost,

A dark day

In ones mind,

Gone astray

Afore it did bind,

To thence root

In apposite intent,

That mentation

Gives adequate vent,

Might have wrought

Inspire another thought,

Restive it ought not be lost!


7 thoughts on ““ Another Thought ” ~ said be lost ~

    • Fortunately for me there are thoughts that occur of which I am in a position to explore… before they are lost. As long as this lasts I’ll know I am alive, for you, and for thoughts that I turn into words that speak out, hopefully for the better.

  1. I’m smiling because I agree with MD and the words, your poetry, that comes forth. Some may argue that they’d prefer their words stay submerged forever, other call that enlightenment, lol. So interesting all the thoughts that this, your poetry on a submerged though, brought forth. Happy weekend to you, Marianne, and your fur babies. Your friend, Paulette

    • My thoughtful, and unforgettable friend Paulette, for whom a thought is never very far from mind, and that is for the better. Keep smiling, mon ami! Jean-Jacques

  2. There are so many things that flit through my mind, but I have found that the quality of my thoughts is directly related to the quality of my day. We are what are thoughts make us.

    I have been away for a couple of weeks – it is good to be back and read your thoughts again.

    • Good indeed that you are back, and so generously take the time to thoughtfully and thought provokingly respond to my words. I thank you for your continued much appreciated interest. Jean-Jacques

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