“ Persistence ” ~ beyond bounds ~


An endless sound

Of hissing resounds,


In ones weary skull…


Perverse echoes

Find to devise

In a mind resigned,

The means to survive

A state that confounds,

One forced to listen

Beyond humane bounds,

Said tinnitus to suffer

In its hell bent surrounds!

6 thoughts on ““ Persistence ” ~ beyond bounds ~

  1. Oh no, I hope it is not your tinnitus. Upon reading the first two lines, I pondered if we were going to be lead to a cat. See how your words take us on journeys. You always surprise with so many different aspects of the human condition and what one experiences, today it’s sensory, hearing, yet not of the external world. Well done, my friend.

    • Yes it is, and has been for many years. But you learn to live with it, though sometimes it is not possible to hide from its dogged persistency. So you try to expose its perversity by painting, in my case, a word picture of its threat to ones sanity. I do this so as to fight off the extreme periods. Listening to music is another way of easing the effect. I share this beast with fellow travellers of its plague-ish molestations, and have somehow managed to remain sane.

      In the meantime, I am pleased that the likes of my recites propels you to experience the feelings I aim to express of human conditions. Thank you again, Paulette! Jean-Jacques

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