A Reclusive Being – in a despairing soul –


‘Twas a story above,

Composed per se

In false sense of love,

Though unwittingly so

As a reclusive being

In a despairing soul,

Sadly failed seeing

Might find indulge,

An impassioned role!

4 thoughts on “A Reclusive Being – in a despairing soul –

  1. “A reclusive being.” A very interesting mindset.

    I have been thinking on the theme of solitude lately. When we embrace a reclusive role, there is the potential for finding our passion, our role. Sometimes the noise surrounding us blocks us the inner voice.

    • My dear Rebecca… These ideas that come to us, allowing but short reflections, are to say the least most times torturous to put together and painfully arduous to get it right. I suppose we have had to have the experience, to put words to that state of being, but it doesn’t ease the process, and one keeps wondering. Wondering at least till one receives words such as yours, to grace my poem. Words that opens the door to higher levels of interpretation with the inner voice of which you speak. Thank you for that, mon ami! Jean-Jacques

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