“ Another Thought ” ~ said be lost ~

I’m aware

Of a thought,

On the way

Said be lost,

A dark day

In ones mind,

Gone astray

Afore it did bind,

To thence root

In apposite intent,

That mentation

Gives adequate vent,

Might have wrought

Inspire another thought,

Restive it ought not be lost!


“ Agonies ” ~ of an aspiring poet ~



Words swirl round

A restive head,

Like leaves scatter

On autumn winds,

As reach I in vain

To save words thin

From ensuing rain,

As I awake to tears

Lo threaten blur

Words I propose,

Thought cogent prose…


Hence agonize

To give words life,

Probing to shape


As in a duel of fate

Each dubious choice,

Be cause poem unfolds…


Whilst I persist

To disgorge such,

The like express

Words nobly knit,

Tho they oft trap

Rather than flow,

Or eke in anguish

Desperate whispers,

Of an aspiring poet!