Desperate Man

             – of traces unclear

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Desperate Man

             – of traces unclear

Desperate man
Arrives in fear,
Looking at life
Traces unclear,
To face despite
He cannot hear,
Thus, he writes
Hoping it bears,
Some hint of sight
Marks he’d be there!
			ode to coherence of clarity…

                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier
Imagery – Wikimedia Commons 
Music - Nardis by Chet Baker 
Audio -Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                written in Sweetsburg
			             March 28, 2022

4 thoughts on “Desperate Man

    • Somewhere between being promised a rose garden and not recognizing it, thus so focusing on yet ignorant of unclear, to the benefit of man our controllers, we maintain desperate. Alas and getting used to everything is indeed a very human functional habit, much to our “laissez-faire” consistent tendencies. Me first…but now old enough to recognize it and shake loose, I think!

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