“ Faces ” – that be traceless –


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“ Faces ”

       – that be traceless –

I see faces

In all places,

That be sad

Virulent cases,

At risk clad

Be complacent,

Soon but mad

Past indifferent,

Of no matter

Part of current,

Fitting this façade…


Empty faces

That be traceless,

Yet embraces

Find expression,

As in a painting

Of a landscape,

Speaks despair

Rather tainted,

Tho not quite bare…


Be mortal faces

Seeking refuge,

From raw places

Found in refuse,

A world so faces

In human deluge,

Held insensate

Of fellow sapiens,

They just people

Failed by bane,

Seek seen real

Despite blame,

Of slanted feel

Said man extant,

Made world surreal      

Bent be he an unrepentant!  


                           ode to fellow beings of virulent woes…

                                                        © Jean-Jacques Fournier

   Art, by Picasso, Modigliani, Odilon Redon,

           Jheronimus Bosh, Maurice Denis, Erich Heckel.

                          Music, Now – by Vexento – v2 New music, and recital


9 thoughts on ““ Faces ” – that be traceless –

  1. I was reading a article from Fast Company this morning “Introducing the Most Creative People in Business 2020.” And then I read your poem, which is a brilliant response to humanity’s desire to create benchmarks of excellence that have no meaning for the majority of the population who are experiencing difficult times. “Empty faces That be traceless, Yet embraces Find expression, As in a painting Of a landscape…” Creativity is within all of us and gives strength during uncertain times. I will forego the benchmarks and choose the creative way in all that I do – for it is in these moments of solitude that we will find meaning.

  2. Kindred souls find to reach out in like directions, wanting to embrace the singular issue of human purpose, at a level far superior to that of the almighty dollar… for without the backs of labeled ordinary people, said human, who will do the necessary operational, as in actual work, for these held ‘Most Creative People in Business’ thus to survive and achieve the wealth that gives then their sole raison d’être…and purpose for self gratification. Maybe it’s time for them to join the human race, no!

  3. The artwork in your video was very well-chosen for the poem, which I read as the need for us to see the faces of other people, really see them. When those faces disappear into a human deluge of statistics, we know we’re in very big trouble.

  4. Thank you, Liz for your appreciation, and the signaling ou of the art supporting my reflection on Faces, and indeed its potential further deterioration of the human fabric of our world society as we know it, which man seems oblivious to, and seemingly unable to reconcile with the danger we so face… Man as in they who have the power and wealth control to lead, for all the people, and not just the privileged self-serving few on the backs of the average !

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