“ The Appearance ” – of being –


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“ The Appearance ”

                     – of being –

You observe a façade

Of innate appearance,

By established events

Implying a difference,

Tho ne’er so inherent

As metamorphosis tap,

To being’s emergence

Expand likely to grasp,

Be your ego’s defiance

Questions so to conceal,

With veneer abeyant

And a core fails reveal,

For its reasons defiant

Save ones said presence,

As a being bids vibrant

Marking so its existence,

The while different aspirants

Possess the appearance of being!

                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier

an Ode to all Totem Art sculpting and sculptors…

Art – Inspired by Rebecca Budd – Clanmother,

Music – Au Bout Du Fil – Now, by Vexento –

4 thoughts on ““ The Appearance ” – of being –

  1. Jean-Jacques this is brilliant! Your photography uniting with your recitation gave me goosebumps. You are a visual storyteller/artist who speaks to the heart of humanity’s need for belonging and acceptance. Your first words: “You observe a facade Of innate appearance” prompts an immediate response from readers to engage in the poem.

  2. The brilliant belongs to the geniuses who created the perfectly wide variety of sculpted façade, appearances I was looking for, that should reflect this world’s extraordinary and wonderful assortment of beings.
    As karma, in this incarnation, would have it, my dear friend Rebecca, ever so timely shares with we mortals the beauty of her neighborhood parks, where such artists display the imagery of the no two alike façades, the idea of which could complete the picture, my humble words might not fulfill. Et voilà..! What better unprejudiced depiction of mankind’s multi-many façades than that of our fellow first-nation’s unsurpassable sculpted totem beauty. Thus so to express the real look of who we are, said to be the beings of all races of this world. Thanks, Rebecca, for your contribution!

  3. I love how your poem and choice of images acts as a call-and-response to Rebecca’s post. Isn’t it wonderful how we can play off each other’s creative expression to generate our own?

  4. Thank you so much, Liz and yes, wonderful indeed! That creative expression, conscious or not, encompasses a natural extension to an exchange of ideas and knowledge of experiences.
    What’s that corny old saying “man does not live on bread alone” nor for that matter can he live to create, in complete isolation, or be indifferent to inspiring human exchanges.
    Alas it is truly an extraordinary gift to be surrounded by people who, not always consciously, but nevertheless generate the need for one to reach out and do…!

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