“ Border of Extant ” ~ upon a genuine human ~

We walk about

Held be human,

Allude forever

To so function,

Claim a stance

Above another,

Borders extant

Far from other,

Of mortal man

Said corporeal,

Having a mind

Debatable real,         

Tho often time

Musters appeal,

Of tilted regard

That fail conceal,

His soul’s discard

Hides there upon,

A genuine human

Nigh wholly gone,

Reached near extant

Finds robot for his pawn,

Till swallowed as its servant!


                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier



7 thoughts on ““ Border of Extant ” ~ upon a genuine human ~

    • Thanks Paulette… I remember way back when as a child a movie (in black and white) whose character wearing a costume of tights that were rather loose fitting, on this fictional character called Flash Gordon readying to fly to the moon. Not that many years later man actually got there, and space travel is now part of history, as are high speed telecommunications, portable phones, body parts transplants, actual robots and cloning etc, etc.

      Keep your eyes open for too soon robots will be giving orders, and as frightening as this sounds, we’d probably be better off with properly programmed robots, than we are now with the crazy nuclear war rhetoric going on between Trump and Kim Jong Un. How did we so called humans manage to lower ourselves to such a low level, as to put people the likes of those two mad men, in positions of power that can actually destroy us all…?



      • Agreed… as we sure can’t do worse than what we have now. So let us indeed hope for well-programmed robots, in lieu of our continued choice of low-level brain power, if indeed that is the best we humans can find in our present world choice of leaders.



  1. We are in a brave new world. I was reading an article Japan’s response to lack of young people to take care of the elderly. Our population is aging so it will be interesting how we use technology for the good of humanity. I am also watching the self-driving cars. Will they reduce the amount of accidents. I especially appreciated your idea of “well-programmed robots.” Humanity has the power to create amazing technology to help or hinder humanity. May we chose the wise path.

    • Yes indeed, with humanity’s amazing brain power we should be able to weigh in more heavily on doing things that will improve living conditions for all. But humans being what they are, even in so-called democratic societies, until such time as we manage to find a method to have representational say through an honest system that allows us to elect people of the correct choice… and the saying that states “ you get what you vote for” said saying will always be a lie, and we don’t stand a chance, even with a programmed robot. We came close, here in Canada, in the last election, but the man who ran on the electoral reform, and got elected on that promise, did not keep it. It took Mr. Trudeau the man I voted for, only a couple of months to join the old boy political ranks of a better chance for re-election, to break his promise, the system we’ve known forever. Democracy was never conceived for the public’s good or welfare… it has always been for the politicians, those political pundits who play the game. Thus with the citizen’s naivety and tax dollars, win or loose in essence, live off the backs the sheep and big money power looking for favours. And the beat goes on!



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