“ Better Now ” ~ than never ~

Not now inferred,

Tho better now

Than never,

Having heard

That life won’t wait,

For proclivity defers

To coherent state,

With time’s demise

Means but forsake,                                      

While one holds blindly

As master of time’s fate,

Hence to indulge full taste

Ideates point in time repeats,

Thus feigns replace life he wastes

Before that final bow it takes!

                                                            ode to the never fully present…





6 thoughts on ““ Better Now ” ~ than never ~

    • Thank you… And yes of course a good point that life is is a present or gift of uncertainties. However what I am alluding to especially deals more with they whom aren’t there fully in the now of life, preoccupied more with what comes next, which may never come, or too soon to enjoy the present, ergo wasting what is in the now, which once gone cannot be retrieved or relived.



    • Thanks Rebecca! I listen to beings say not now, as in yes, yes I’ll get to it later, to themselves or to others. In the early years it never dawned on me how many not nows it takes to make a lifetime. Oh boy, let me tell you I’m wide awake to it now, what with days that last 3 seconds, and week that stretch out to a minute and a half, not to mention the year that started yesterday knowing that tomorrow I’ll be more than half way through it without even noticing, until myself I ask where it has gone.

      Ergo, better now, because the nows that you put off are gone forever.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier


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