“ Border of Extant ” ~ upon a genuine human ~

We walk about

Held be human,

Allude forever

To so function,

Claim a stance

Above another,

Borders extant

Far from other,

Of mortal man

Said corporeal,

Having a mind

Debatable real,         

Tho often time

Musters appeal,

Of tilted regard

That fail conceal,

His soul’s discard

Hides there upon,

A genuine human

Nigh wholly gone,

Reached near extant

Finds robot for his pawn,

Till swallowed as its servant!


                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier



“ The Drone ” ~ man’s ultimate folly ~


I am the drone,

The ultimate folly,

Who at man’s will

Can far from home

Be made to kill,

For soulless men

Of little minds

And craven needs,

Who stay behind

While I destroy

Whoever breathes

To undermine

Self-serve consigns

While I the drone

Will carry out

Their deadly game

Of warring shame!