“ Wouldn’t It Be ” ~ wonderful ~

Wouldn’t it be
Should we abide
We opt on side,
Reason decides
That feelings be,
As fate devised
Not self-absorbed
Or tend one sided,
Rid of overdrive
Thus so guided,
To fix on wouldn’t be
Anything but wonderful!

4 thoughts on ““ Wouldn’t It Be ” ~ wonderful ~

    • Yes indeed my dear Paulette, as hope is so to speak, that bridge that keep us afloat so as to reach the wonderful, or get around what we might want to do without! Jean-Jacques

  1. Oh yes!!! It would be wonderful. I liked your comment “what we might want to do without.” Just this week, my comfortable computer chair developed a rip. In the past, I would go out shopping for a new chair. This time, I used thick plastic tape to cover the small hole. It was a wonderful feeling! No time wasted on locating something that I didn’t need. 🙂

    • I know exactly where you are coming with that, as being, or better said have been a collector, I find equal and at times more satisfaction in restoring, rather than replacing. As a collector there some things that are irreplaceable, so you develop a talent or the skills to restore. Mucho satisfaction in deed.

      As to the poem, mister fix-it is and always will be a dreamer, looking on the brighter side, even when not attainable or near impossible. As you can see, even the impossible has a crack to let a slip of light shine thru. A half full glass, rather than half empty! Or if you will, fixing on wouldn’t it be, rather than why can’t it be? Jean-Jacques

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