“ Sister, Dear Sister ” ~ can you spare the time ~

Might you not find
To share a moment
While there is time,
A sharable instant
We could combine,
To empathy distant
And days that stood,
The ordeals of time
In a life judged good,
As we’d understood
In our young minds…

So sister, dear sister,
Can you not spare the time!

6 thoughts on ““ Sister, Dear Sister ” ~ can you spare the time ~

  1. I love this. I feel that were we all to give more time, a little here a little there, where it is needed, it could have such a tremendous impact on so many. Giving of one’s time is one of the most important things we can do for another human being, and fur friend. Happy weekend to you and M.

    • Thank you Paulette. you are of course right on the mark, about the power, and effectiveness of sharing and or giving on one’s time. Sadly so much more noticeable after the reaching out party is no longer. Jean-Jacques

  2. A very interesting theme – sharing time. We live in a world that allows communication on a global scale, but we are still challenged when it comes to thoughtful dialogue that goes beyond quick messages. But having said this, I think that we may be experiencing a transition in how we share thoughts and ideas. What is most exciting – we are active participants! 🙂

    • Great point Rebecca, as you open the bigger picture to purposely cloudy window, dealing with sibling issues the world over. One that is difficult to manoeuvre in if one wishes to keep some family semblance of an open line of communication, rather than closing off in total and forever, which sadly is sometimes for the better. As it is often said, you can choose your friends, but hardly your so your family… well at least blood siblings. Jean-Jacques

    • Merci Diane… I know you understand the sentiment, and yes of course sibling relations are or can be difficult, and depending on the sensitivities of the individuals can sometimes be impossible. In Sister, Dear Sister, I speak to all who find themselves somewhere in between. They who are fortunate enough to have a mature and intelligent open mind, sensitive to a nudge that will allow one to live down the line with good memories when the time comes for remembering, rather than a written off sad blank page. Jean-Jacques

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