Held Instant ~on life’s clock ~

 A new book of Poetry on a Canapé, by Jean-Jacques Fournier.

This is to announce the publication of my 13 th book of poems.

held-instant-product_thumbnail-php  ~ Held Instant ~ on life’s clock

Poetry on a Canapé book, a new publication.

To purchase this 13th book of poems, click here

4 thoughts on “Held Instant ~on life’s clock ~

    • Thank you chère ami, for your kind words…! Book number 13. That number is especially interesting for me, as I consider 13, contrary to most, as my lucky number. I suppose it is linked to so many times forcing my way against the current, strongly believing the thing will get done and determined to fight the odds to do so. Who would have thought I’d get to book 13, and now well into writing for book 14. Since my 1st published book in 2007… I remember receiving and holding my 1st copy of it back then and in jest, saying I’d stop at book #10. Well I’m pleased to say that the joke is on me!


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