Held Instant ~ on life’s clock ~

A new book of Poetry on a Canapé, by Jean-Jacques Fournier.

This is to announce the publication of my 13 th book of poems.

held-instant-product_thumbnail-php  ~ Held Instant ~ on life’s clock

Poetry on a Canapé book, a new publication.

To purchase this 13th book of poems, click here

7 thoughts on “Held Instant ~ on life’s clock ~

  1. Dearest Jean-Jacques, my heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your latest book. One day, I will do as I had promised myself long time ago: Complete my collection of your books and then read them without any interruption, as I have done with the one I had managed to purchase and read with much delight.

    • Thank you Hülya, my very dear and supportive friend. Looking forward to receiving my first final finished copy in the next day or so. Thanks to Marianne, the finished product is quite special, especially the photography for both cover and page layout, as well as its overall design. The whole of her production contribution gives my humble scribbles a respectability, that I hope will encourage people to read the work. In the meantime book 14 is well under way.

      • Inspiration has been a true friend to you, hasn’t it, dear Jean-Jacques? I find it fascinating that your wife possesses such an exquisite talent. But please let me correct you: Marianne – like the rest of us, Jean-Jacques-readers – must have discovered long ago the exquisite beauty of your “humble scribbles” on which she is placing delicate laces. What a remarkable sharing of life’s beauties you two have!

      • To say the least, I am deeply touched by your kind and encouraging words. As I spent a number of years in the graphic arts field, and most of its related business aspects, is was more than a treat to discover a few years ago that my life partner, Marianne the Intellectual Property Lawyer, who offered to design my 4th book of poems, had a hidden creative talent for design, and the many facets that goes into publishing a book. That is now10 books ago. It is indeed, as you say, a remarkable sharing, that of creating something lasting together. Thank you dear Hülya, for opening that door!

        Jean-Jacques Fournier

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