A Gathering Storm ~ out of rain ~

‘Tis gathering storm

Of man said human,

Rendered deformed

By duplicitous demon,

Though given be life

As a privileged plus,

Man soon found ways

To turn planet to dust,

Where child eventual

May survive only just,

Thus so but the telling

He’d bow to fate’s say,

Fixed by man’s doing

In orchestrated play,

Distorting life journey

In a world gone astray,

Held to flee or to stand

On a predestined bane,

Of his narcissistic plan

In a gathering storm,

That has run out of rain!

                                                       begs find contradiction in time…!

4 thoughts on “A Gathering Storm ~ out of rain ~

    • Thank you Paulette… We have need to be frightened, and a need and a right-cum-duty to cry out and be heard, long enough, loud enough to wear down the resistance to the broken down ugly systems that favour few, and suffers most into desperation, and all the other “ations” that will leave nothing for they who are already here to follow. They who will be led to the hell that seems to be in the making by our meagre choices of so-called decision makers, who are maneuvering themselves into positions of ultimate power, with a caveman attitude of survival of the fittest, and to hell with the weak, old, and especially the sick that cost money to care for. Scary…? yes indeed it’s scary…!

      Sorry to start the new year so bleakly, but we are running out of mañanas.


  1. Your call to action comes at a pivotal time in history and speaks to many who recognize that the storm clouds are gathering at an exponential rate. My voice joins you in forging new paths that seek positive outcomes for our world!

    • Thank you Rebecca, ever so for your acknowledged support, thus said in a most eloquent and positive manner. Hopefully evidence of man’s consciousness for honest change to the broken-down and empty meaning of our so-called democracy will soon come to pass. A system invented by the Greeks of old that was in truth designed to favour power that would control the citizenry. A system that wealth, ergo power, has been flogging ever since our said Greeks. Without real change, not merely political lip service, man really will have to look for another planet for the survival of this human race. And a happy New Year to you dear friend!


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