“ Once Upon Time ” ~ from hood to hood ~


When it be time,

I was to find

To reach a place

Alleged babyhood,

Held gentle space

Said pre childhood,

Where puerile stood

To enter meant hood,

Hence soon to face,

Adulthood first embrace …


Alas these hoods end

For an ensuing bend,

Means take effect,

Be wise elder hood,

Where chance detects

Hoped sprightly mind,

Whose wit allows time

Bear last hood’s oblige,    

Thus meant organize          

For predictable slide,

To that grave final hood!



4 thoughts on ““ Once Upon Time ” ~ from hood to hood ~

  1. Your words reminded me of transitions. I could hardly wait until 18, the year I thought that I would surely enter into adulthood. Childhood and adulthood – that is how we generally separate our lives. And yet, as you brought out – we have many other points in our lives that signal a transition, a graduation, an advancement, a completion. A reminder that I must recognize and embrace a new beginning and say a gentle goodbye to an ending.

    A wonderful poem.

    • Thank you Rebecca… It is always a boost and a nice feeling when one of my poems awakens memories in someone else life, especially if they are good ones or have some significance of worth. I am quite pleased that you liked it. Jean-Jacques

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