“ The Moment ” ~ an adventure ~

Predictably sure
Be an adventure,
Holds the moment
Brands life’s worth,
To render ones debt
Fated from birth,
As willingly owed
Its requital so holds,
For fixed next abode…

The while one bodes
Time could run out,
Preceding full measure
Of the moment as told,
Tho a trip said life raves
Finds too soon acquitted,
For such an adventure
Whose abode be its grave!

8 thoughts on ““ The Moment ” ~ an adventure ~

    • It pleases me enormously to receive your positive acknowledgement of my poems, and what I want to convey. Thank you sincerely for your interest, and sharing your reactions. Jean-Jacques

  1. “The while one bodes
    Time could run out,”

    These words are an echo of my thoughts today. Humanity simply does not know the value of time, until we realize time has no flexibility. No amount of cajoling or bargaining can change the characteristics of time. This poem is a brilliant reminder that an adventure waits for us, but not forever. The time is NOW!!! Not later….. 🙂

    • Ah Rebecca, you do an anxious mind good with your response that alines our thoughts and feelings thru The Moment’s few words, expressing in a way how quickly our now and morrows tumble into the void of past unused opportunities. Thank you my friend. Jean-Jacques

    • Pleased that you do the comments as well, and especially good for me, for you’re ongoing thorough interest in my passion for words. Thank you again for being there, my very dear friend! Jean-Jacques

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