“ Once Upon Time ” ~ from hood to hood ~


When it be time,

I was to find

To reach a place

Alleged babyhood,

Held gentle space

Said pre childhood,

Where puerile stood

To enter meant hood,

Hence soon to face,

Adulthood first embrace …


Alas these hoods end

For an ensuing bend,

Means take effect,

Be wise elder hood,

Where chance detects

Hoped sprightly mind,

Whose wit allows time

Bear last hood’s oblige,    

Thus meant organize          

For predictable slide,

To that grave final hood!



“ The Stone ” ~ vowed to child’s wish ~

I find the child

Who lives in me,

Holds to the wish

Made on a stone,

To stay within

The who I’d be,

Tho then too soon

To know or see,

And now too late

To care ‘tis me,

Yet chose not seen

To be set free,

From living still

A child within,

Whose soul adrift,

Thus so not want

To leave behind,

Upon that hill

What once did bind,

Vowed to child’s wish,

The stone he touched,

That lives on in his mind!                                    

                                                                                        ode to Thomas

                                                                                    conspirator friend

                                                                                  of the wishing stone

“ Sandboxes ” ~ and rainbows ~


Time played us so

Like carefree pueriles,

As though forever

Made live the while

In dreamy rainbows,

When of a sudden

It cast adrift

Our childhood days

To find our way

Far from our sandbox…


Now adult visions

Edge to fashion

Unknown choices,

That once found

Too soon wore thin,

And held best toss

As remote whims

Of wearisome sins…


Yet a period plagues

With insipid wishes

And oneirism’s ease,

Of undying rainbows

In sandbox dwellings!