“ Credulity of Illusions ” ~ fails reach the now ~


Delusion of the future

Alleges render held sum,

Ensures inevitability

Of apotheosis to come,

While of faint store

Who’s to say we’d find,

A time that offers more

Meant fated be so kind,

Thus best we not succumb

To credulity of illusions,

That yet fails reach the now!

6 thoughts on ““ Credulity of Illusions ” ~ fails reach the now ~

    • Thank you Paulette. I know we live the early years, never consciously thinking of it as a non-renewal element of life. Yet I can’t for the life of me remember when my consciousness switched over to be so aware of the diminishing aspect of this ever more precious commodity.

      Any suggestions on how to put the breaks, or to get it back in first gear on a permanent basis? Jean-Jacques

  1. Ah, the implacability of time. There are many themes that come to mind when I read your words. I was especially drawn to: “Thus best we not succumb..” In our existence, our timeline has only one direction – forward. And there is a time limit! That being the case, we cannot succumb to anger, jealousy, spite, despair. Instead, as Paulette said so eloquently “Breathing and gratitude doesn’t hurt.

    • Eloquent is right, and her suggestion which says to breath with gratitude for the opportunity, at least for me as long as it lasts, which may add some awareness of time if we can side tract that anger, jealousy, spite, and despair you correctly offer. Thanks again mon ami! Jean-Jacques

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