“ The Way Home ” – looking for the road –


I’d moved on

For reasons vague,

Like vision fades

For bygone days,

Where but a trace

Of puerile dreams,

For untried place

Fashioned a need,

That time in wait

Might so achieve,

An understanding

Not yet discovered,

Wants one explore

Afore life quenches

That thirst to roam,

Till years suggest

Look for the road,

Leads the way home!


4 thoughts on ““ The Way Home ” – looking for the road –

  1. Just today, my mother and I were talking about the meaning of “home.” To me, it is the single word that defines belonging, respite, safety. I think that we are all trying to find our way home, in one form or another. I think it takes a lifetime for the definition of “home” moves as we move from stage to stage. This is the line that resonated:

    “An understanding
    Not yet discovered,”

    We know that there is an understanding, but it must be discovered…

    • Yes, it’s where the heart of the piece resides, and where we finally will find home where heart is at peace, alone or sharing a like sapience. I like the way you bring my words to heart, your and your surroundings. Thanks Rececca. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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