“ Searching ” ~ for an alter ego ~


Searching ever so

For an alter ego,

As one not long ago

Feigned to have been

Was found to be a foe,

A possible doppelgänger

Whose ruse made find

The now and then

Had shades of idle time,

Did cagily fix to lend

A way to render bind,

If but to hide pretend

The making of a friend!



6 thoughts on ““ Searching ” ~ for an alter ego ~

    • Thank you for both parts of your comment, my dear friend! Says I ever so smugly failing purposely to hide, and nakedly open the dishonest use of that preciously defining word…friend. We have all met too many of those so called friends, n’est-ce pas? Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. Friendship is one of the most interesting subjects in human behaviour. We want friends, but many times have trouble identifying the attributes of a “good” friend. 🙂

    • You got it, and I suppose because I’ve been around so long, with such varied believed friendship experiences, I have written much on the matter, yet in spite of all I’ve written, I’ve never forgotten something I read years ago… “if you lose a friend, it’s because he never was a friend”.

      Friendship, an important subject for me, one that won me my first accolade for a published poem, called “Friend”~ a singular entitlement~ ,which has appeared in every book I’ve published since, a kind of trade mark, so to speak.

      Thanks again dear Rebecca for your continued interest, yours and naturally Paulette’s, my two staunch supporters! Jean-Jacques

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