“ An Invisible Being ” ~ is a lonely soul ~

‘Twas a story above

A false sense of love,

Orchestrated per se

By one ne’er able,

To find so indulge

In a passionate way,

 This invisible being

Too cold to be told,

Fated be, but a lonely soul!

6 thoughts on ““ An Invisible Being ” ~ is a lonely soul ~

    • I received the same question from Marianne… to which I skirted around to avoid replying, which would take away from associating the poem to one’s own imaging and personal interpretation.

      In any event, what the hay… the inspiration came from memories of the past, some positive / constructive, and others negative / destructive. This poem deals with the latter, the kind that sometime takes away what was an important part of ones life. And just to fuzz it up a bit…It’s that time of the year, when one is prone to wonder about whatever happened to so and so etc, the while we wonder of like bits and pieces of life’s currents.

      Don’t you just love the unquestioned loyalty of our four legged furry friends!

      PS: If you reread the poem on my blog, you will note a slight adjustment that clarifies a grey area.

      Happy days for 2014! Jean-Jacques

  1. Sad true…but so right. An invisible being is a lonely soul…and your words are a mirror reflecting that loneliness. Very good poetry…wishing you also a very Happy New Year full of love, happiness, joy, peace, good health and serenity my friend.

    • Thank you for your positive and encouraging comments. I in turn also wish you a very Happy and Joyful New Year, dear friend.

      Happy days throughout 2014 and years to come! Jean-Jacques

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