“ Memories ” ~ worth the keep ~

So many memories

Worth the keep,

Tho there be many

Begs a clean sweep,

For those held evoke

Leads one to wallow,

In recollects thin

Bordering hollow,

Or colours memory

Of near wilting age,

Yet wants a fellow

Bides to engage,

In worthy recalls

Before time shades,

What gave life a stage!

                                                             ode to year 2013

12 thoughts on ““ Memories ” ~ worth the keep ~

  1. “What gave life ones stage!” This is especially meaningful for me tonight. Over the past couple of days, we have been transferring old VHS family videos to DVDs. I have been watching videos of my dad discussing the “old days.” It was like he was with me again. Memories give structure to our lives.

    Thank you so much for this post. Happy New Year! Looking forward to our ongoing dialogue.

    • I thank you Rebecca, for the honour of finding a place for my humble words, to participate in support of your journey thru so personal family memories. That it should come so close is indeed most touching.

      I too look forward to our ongoing dialogue, which gives me much pleasure. I am also thankful for the kind encouragement you have shown, that means so much to we who are made to write in the language of, dare I say poetry, or a semblance of same.

      Happy New Year to you too dear friend! Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you for your kind words and good wishes Mariana, and for the honour and pleasure of your ongoing interest in my writing.

      Happy New Year to you, my dear and beautiful friend! Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you my dear friend, for your kind words on mine of the exit for 2013, as well as your good wishes for 2014!

      Happy days ahead for all we positive thinkers, and those who are on their way to become so. We who will send our positive thoughts to our negative brothers and sisters.

      Your friend, Jean-Jacques

    • Toujours un bonheur distinct, de faire plaisir à une personne intéressée et sensible. Encore une fois, bonne année. Jean-Jacques

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