“ The Have and The Have Naught ” ~ be life’s comedy ~

The have naught, ebb

With life a tragedy,

Trapped in a web

Of apathetic reality,

Man will so scheme

Endemic of betrayal,

To attain his means…


Ergo haves, we may agree

Live pithily said comedy,

For they especially                                      

Of careless objectivity,

Destine their domain

In animate fantasy,

Suffering not inequity

The while feign humane!

4 thoughts on ““ The Have and The Have Naught ” ~ be life’s comedy ~

    • The very essence as well as pleasures of poetry, is like that of an abstract painting… one can read what he or she feels and give it more or less their interpretation. As I too can obviously interpret your comment from two distinct perspectives. Nice play on my words, my dear… Jean-Jacques

    • Or awake and experience the confusion of man’s reality that is too often hard to endure. Maybe sleeping in that fantasy dream we call reality is a safety valve to stay alive for what is good for the soul. Like what you do for your fellow furry creatures be a fine example. And a happy weekend to you all as well! Jean-Jacques

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