“ The Artist ” ~ would fashion vision ~

From the artist

Comes an impulse,

That gives birth,

To want explore

That which expresses,

A creative singularity…


Be block of marble

Carved to find shape

Wouldst release soul…

A stretch of canvas

Begs for colour bold

Hence to explore

Story pleads be told…

Indite to so compose

Words writer means

Create a picture,

Of vibrant telling    

To fashion visions,

Man can so imagine…


And when deed be done        

Though then long gone,

They’ve left our world

A culturally better one!         


6 thoughts on ““ The Artist ” ~ would fashion vision ~

    • Thank you Rebecca, for your kind and encouraging words. The kind that feeds the hunger of ever doubting scribbler of poetry, as to their ability to reach and touch someone with their meagre hard found words.

      I thought you would be on vacation by now, in the throws of hunting and mapping undiscovered grand rivers, with which to charms us upon your return. Happy vacation days, of rest and enjoyment, not work, to you and your family dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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