“ Feeling Safe ” ~ a whimsical vision ~

I’d envisioned

A place of peace,

There to stay

Beyond reach,

Of man’s greed

And insatiable needs,

Yet thus conceived 

Gives cause concern,

Want feeling safe

Holds hard to place

This peaceful scene,

Now seems a dream

Of whimsical vision!

8 thoughts on ““ Feeling Safe ” ~ a whimsical vision ~

    • Of course you’re right, and I see it every day, and when I don’t it’s simply because I can’t help seeing that very real dark side of reality. Thank you Paulette for your beautiful words. Jean-Jacques

      • Ah Paulette… you are such a beautiful soul. A rare person, who can with very few words can have me thinking ever so deeper than my hurry, and laziness sometimes interferes. A reality check from me, for you…you’ve got to be kidding. I’m a student my dear, not a teacher. Jean-Jacques

    • Life is full of wishful thinking, and some materialize but luckily so most don’t. Thus for it is said… be careful what you for, as you may get your wish! Jean-Jacques

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