“ Discovering ” ~ journey’s sum ~


I look to see

Who I’ve become,

Discovering shades

Of journey’s sum,

That led the way

Neath my old skin,

Thus so to find

Who I had been,

The while seduced

By fitful thoughts

Of indulgent sin,

Causing me seek

But one true friend

Who’d think to tell,

If I chose bold

He’d help set free,

To find my way

Passed current hell!


4 thoughts on ““ Discovering ” ~ journey’s sum ~

  1. I think this is one vital site of information for me, and am glad to be reading your poems. The site style is perfect, the articles are indeed really nice. Excellent process, cheers
    Thanks for the writeup.

    • Well dear Diane, I am indeed most pleased to read your comment, for if there is a purpose in poetry, it is no less than to do what you suggest this poem has done. Thus its main and most important objective, that of provoking thought achieved is to say the least a grand compliment. I thank you for saying so. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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