“ Life ” ~ seems to last but days ~

I might’ve secured

A guiding hand,

Help spare endure

Suffer be damned,

Holding eye blind

Flouting scant time,

Averred be wrong

Stresses my mind,

And likely as long

As fate be inclined,

Till life fades away

I’ll taste of it wise,

As will time I so wrest

From whatever be left,

Of a meagre short stay

Held tallied in years,

Yet seems to last but days!

4 thoughts on ““ Life ” ~ seems to last but days ~

    • Thank you Paulette. As with the passing of time (also known as aging) my days seem to disappear noticeably ever faster. Consequently this vivid reminder that there is scarce time to waste for we who marvel at, and enjoy life. Jean-Jacques

  1. I was just talking with my 83 year-old-mother. She expressed this same thought when she said, “life is but a breath.”

    May our breath be strong and courageous.

    • Beautiful from your poetic mother, and most flattering for my work to be compared with such a poignantly appropriate and poetic line. Thank you for sharing this dear lady! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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