“ Belligerents ” ~ upstart to old fart ~


They transform,

From newborn

To unformed,

Pending attain

The far reaches

Of misinformed,

As egotistic upstarts

Soon reflect as norm,

So till transmogrified

To realm of old farts,

In a state deformed

Beyond any reform,

Ne’er falling short

Of such belligerence,

Becomes an adroit art

For carping such retort,

Much like a toxic dart!


2 thoughts on ““ Belligerents ” ~ upstart to old fart ~

    • Happy to get a smile… and yes I know because there are so many who could use the reminder, still here and everywhere, and though I’m not a believer in the hereafter, just in case it’s so, and there are some belligerents that managed to sneak up there, though I might imagine they should be down below well earned.

      Happy days Paulette… Jean-Jacques

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