“ Winter Seeks ” ~ cast its icy spell ~


On appointed day

Nature will decay,

For winter seeks

To cast its icy spell,

Hence find its way

Into its revived hell,

The while will chase

Fall from its peek,                                                         

And Frost held Jack

Means claim its stake

From world now grey,

To render frigid white

A winter’s blustery wake…


8 thoughts on ““ Winter Seeks ” ~ cast its icy spell ~

  1. I’m in Scotland now, following the call of the bagpipes. It is the world’s championships. There will be a great deal of piping tomorrow. And not surprising, the forecast is for frigid winds. Your poetry always brings relevance to my day. I will be thinking of the words, “On appointed day Nature will decay…” Humanity seeks to overcome the elements, but nature prevails. 🙂

    • Ahhhh…! A wee Scottish red hair lassie ave we, and what clan may be ye pray tell…?

      What an exceptional honour to have one’s poetry be the bearer of relevance, sufficiently to make mention of it. You are too kind, to me your friend of humble words, and though this be my craft and modest passion, I fail to find appropriate words of thanks.

      Enjoy your stay in Scotland Rebecca, a country of extreme beauty I am told. And thanks again for your most generous words. Jean-Jacques

  2. Very well written my friend! Even if you talk agout winter a little to soon for the old me! Lol! Seriously Jacques, I like the way you give life to words…keep it up and have a great week-end, Delvi.

    • Thank you dear friend… it makes me happy to know that you like my words and how I express them. Merci encore et bon week-end à vous, chère dame.

    • You make two good points and ask a difficult question. I naturally agree with both points you’ve made, which are very good.

      As to your question, the easy out for me is to play the devil’s advocate; if you will the original politician (a.k.a. pollutician) though not today’s consummate version of the original Beelzebub… Ergo I should simply say that we can only lack poetic wisdom, if we are without a poetic mind and or without any wisdom.

      Poetic wisdom, and in a variety of flavours… worth conferring with Beelzebub I say!

      Merci Diane… you made good points, and allowed me to vent my frustrations on a sad subject we must all endure, far worst than the down side of the seasonal weather. Jean-Jacques

    • If your so called aging bones fear the thought of winter, you’re not there yet. Aging my dear is when time starts to fly so fast, that the seasons aren’t there long enough to notice there down side, such as winter being jack frost cold. Jean-Jacques

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