“ Ricochet ” ~ impacting life ~


Feels but a ricochet

Hurdling every way,

Bounced around

With growing rancour

Obliquely rebounds,

Made seek proper anchor

Wants hold ones ground,

While life impacts

Man’s reckless measures,

Of greedy need for more

Wouldst force impose,

The unsuspecting

A said like thralldom,

By designated elects

Who falsely contrive,

They’ve ruling rights,

On we, the gullible advocates!


4 thoughts on ““ Ricochet ” ~ impacting life ~

  1. Today I was walking the Vancouver Seawall. Every weekend, it becomes crowded with walkers, runners and bikers. There is always chaos and just a little bit of danger with all of the activity. I find that when one person displays a courteous attitude, that feeling ricochets in the crowd. Conversely, when there is lack of respect for others, people actually chose to go another way. This is a microcosm of the wider world. We forget that a smile, a frown, a laugh or an angry shout have vastly different outcomes.

    • Thank you for that my dear Rebecca. Forgetting is human and understandable, well at least up to a point. However the generality of good human habits, of the second nature variety was formed in people when education included the wherewith-all to learn more than the bottom line way of living. That was when respect for others, became a given, one that did not have to be remembered per se, as it was automatic so to speak.

      Can you even imagine our today political world and its practising members ( save the minute few lost in the shuffle ) or even the great majority of what comes out of our universities, world wide, being part of this second nature variety? If you can, you’re a better man/woman than I am, Charlie Brown! Jean-Jacques

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