“ Courage ” ~ to take a chance ~


You imagine

With but a glance,

Find courage

To take a chance,

Thus grab hold

Of wont so bold,

That by and by


Will defy,

Hereafter bound

To occupy,

A life once lived

On dead man’s ground!



6 thoughts on ““ Courage ” ~ to take a chance ~

    • Thanks again Paulette… and of course, then what, life is all about chance. I can’t imagine living dead because not taking chances would be just that… Jean-Jacques

  1. Praiseworthy discussion (in prose) of a belief not held by all, in fact, by few (nothing ventured). This for the courageous or foolhardy (sometimes perceived as same). Timidity or easiest path is chosen by the meek. (Sorry to contradict The Bible (‘The meek shall inherit the earth’)). History indicates otherwise.

    • Ah!… mon ami, I’ll not dispute your contention as who can deny a flock of sheep requires but a shepherd and his dog to herd said sheep. Therefore why be sorry, to contradict the bible, which after all is merely to contradict the word of other men, whose experiences were other or lesser than your own and or mine. At the time this ancient document was written, man relied on numbers to conquer, and history as we know it now, is yet to be written by the vanquished, as you so aptly put it, history indicates otherwise; i.e. the push of a button and a city, country or a world is erased. We now live in a kind of world in which said bible has no say in such matters. Power says reality, in the hands of few speak, and not that old bible of the wishful thinking meek. Thank you John… always a welcome pleasure to read the reaction of a thinking intelligent person who offers food for thought. Jean-Jacques

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