“ Exploitation ” ~ advent to lament ~


You’re of a mind

Life starts betwixt,

Somewhere in time

And place defined

Where being exists,

In advent reached

Of evolutionary feel,

Where light gives sway

To ontogenetic mind

Would recognize real,

To but later lament

Man fails realize,

Exploited be his demise!

6 thoughts on ““ Exploitation ” ~ advent to lament ~

  1. A poignant reminder that we must find our courage…

    And speaking of courage, I’m off to Calgary tomorrow, where the weather is much colder. I do not like flying so I will be meditating on “courage” on the take-off! 🙂

    Thank you for another excellent post!

    • Ah Rebecca, your enlightenment on the many humane issues you bring to fore ought to muster enough courage to forever carry you safely on all the flights you will ever need to take. Thank you for your positive response to this latest writing.

      Happy days, happy trip! Jean-Jacques

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