“ Improbity ” ~ suffers time ~

Ones’ will imposed

To gain advantage,

Ought be exposed

As veiled improbity,

That wants manage

Endured baggage

Of callous probability,

Implying suffers time

Divest of honesty mind!


8 thoughts on ““ Improbity ” ~ suffers time ~

    • Thank you my dear and especially sensitive friend, who so acutely and quickly picks up and reacts to, be they be bold or nuanced inferences of human behaviour.

      And while I wrote the above to you, I got a flash of your comment on someone-else’s blog, on the White or Black Santa issue, and I quote “What ever happened to reporting on news? Oh never mind”. Just beautiful, ma chère ami, just beautiful!


  1. The dynamics of “Ones’ will imposed, To gain advantage,” is being played out across the globe. This year, I have pledged to focus on peaceful outcomes within my immediate “world.” I cannot hope to change the course of history, but I can chose to change the way in which I participate within my timeline.

    Another excellent post…

    • How refreshing it is to receive well thought out intelligent responses to one’s probing efforts want shared. Nice to know I can always count on a few generous people who take the time to do so, which in turn gives my poetry and by extension my feelings and concerns, a raison d’être. Thank you for that Rebecca. You are truly a good, and supportive friend. Jean-Jacques

      • And you are to me! I do enjoy our conversations. And Paulette is a kindred spirit! How wonderful it is to share this journey within a generous and compassionate community.

      • How observant of you to have picked up on the reference of the few generous people of intellect who do respond to my thoughts, if fact included Paulette. It’s as though a kind of psyche formed, as you referred to, a community of generous compassion, who speak out on humane issues. Interesting development that occurred thru electronic communications, to bring a few people together from three rather distant parts of a continent. How rewarding that something humanly warm should come from a rather cold system of interacting.


      • Lovely. It seems to me that the heart knows what the mind can never conceive, of all that is possible, and has the miraculous capacity to connect and find its way through shadows of cyberspace to the lit hearts of others. Hugs to you Rebecca, and to you JJ.

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