5 thoughts on ““ Emptiness ” ~ of the ill-fated ~

    • And from a happy person, go figure, but then again I’ve been a witness first hand more than once throughout this life of mine. Thank you Paulette. Jean-Jacques

    • That is exactly what put me in that direction a number of years ago, being ok with what is, after I’ve tried my best to adjust what is to my fit, or me fit to it. In any event happy is a relative term to the extent that, as you say we’re all a mixed bag. We also have are own definition of happy, much like no two people see the same colour exactly the same.

      Your words have a habit of resonating positively with me, so I’m thankful you’ve entered my life. That’s part of the positives in my mixed bag to which you refer.

      And cheers to you too my very dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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