“ Moods ” ~ play one like a fiddle ~

You’re flying high

On a cloud

In a too blue sky,

Then suddenly low

At half past late

Land at hell’s gate,

Yet soon revert

Without you bide

To feel quite pert,

When up down ride

Now finds your mind inert…


Fixed on a whirlwind

Of mood swings,

This state of mind

From obsequious smile

To woebegone resign,

Wants but  loose the moods

That plays one like a fiddle!

6 thoughts on ““ Moods ” ~ play one like a fiddle ~

    • Always a treat to string a few words just so, that reaches to please a respected possessor of active grey matter. Thank you Paulette. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Very hard to deal with mood swings, those imposed on us, as well as those we impose on others. Time, if we are around long enough, has us see the folly of allowing our selves to succumb, and time after all can and does offer hope. Thank you Rebecca, for your kind words of appreciation. Jean-Jacques

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