“ Faces ” ~ without basis ~


I see faces

In odd places

More than sad,

Too complacent

To be mad,

Like the others

Quite indifferent

To the current,

That inhabits

Their façade…


Empty faces

Without basis,

Of expressions 

Said despair,

Like a painting

Of a landscape

Rather tainted,

Tho quite bare…


Mortal faces

Seeking refuge

From raw spaces,                                                      

Not inhuman

But unreal,

From distortions

Made surreal,      

In a world

Shaped by man! 


4 thoughts on ““ Faces ” ~ without basis ~

    • They are in all our cities. That is what cities seem to do to the less fortunate. Pick your poison, in among them are the complacent, or mentally blind if to survive the growing daily exposure, to those faces etched on our minds, that are outpacing our abilities to reach out. We all have to cry out on their behalf ever louder. So in addition I scribble words as part of my outcry. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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