“ Forget Me ” ~ forget me not ~


Forget me not

While I am here,

Tho when I’m gone

Know I inclined

To be far more

Than but a figment

On your mind…


Forget me when

Any trace

Of an embrace,

Seems to vanish

In the hazy mist,

Of a  last kiss…


Forget me then

As so you must,

To thus so reason

I’m out of season,

But forget me not

For just a bit,          

That you find fit,

To deem recall

My once the while,

Repentant smile!


2 thoughts on ““ Forget Me ” ~ forget me not ~

    • With or without the help of pulling the petals from that proverbial flower? It being the Myosotis, genus of the the Boraginaceae family, better known as Forget me nots, calqued from the French, ne m’oubliez pas. Thank you for bringing to mind the game we as kids once played with that pretty flower, forget me, forget me not, with each petal pulled. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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