“ A Need For Trust ” ~ be part of us ~


There be a need

We learn of trust,

Not born in us,

For man made gods

Speak phantasies

Of wavering purpose,

But naught of such

Said worthy of entrust,

Hence need for trust

Of heady rank,

To fashioned so

And carve in stone,

As hold we must

For noble sanctions

Meant to bind,

In ways that touch,

And made to feel

Ensuring force

Shall thus lift us,

That we perceive

Trust be the air

To live we breathe,

For trust a need

Be part of us!


2 thoughts on ““ A Need For Trust ” ~ be part of us ~

  1. To trust or not to trust.. that is the question….
    Life becomes quickly unbearable if you cannot trust anybody. Between being naive and suspicious, an equilibrium has to be found.
    Very good poem indeed.

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