“ In The Dark ” ~ of man’s mind ~


In the dark

Of man’s mind,

‘Tis said resides  

In cerebrum,

A wily bide

Thus callous side

Of invidious will,

Whose bent intends

A motivating state,

To but assimilate


The while subduing

Resistance whole,

Hence to create

A nest hegemony

Of nefarious control,

For social leaders

Who puppeteer

Said fellow earthling,

Kept in the dark

Of their inhuman minds!


5 thoughts on ““ In The Dark ” ~ of man’s mind ~

    • Depth be a relative measure of darkness, as it relates to the creature said human, to whose grip I indirectly refer in this observation. I still believe even a whisper can soon increase in volume, to ultimately expose, so as to one day gain freedom from excessive power.

  1. J’y vois la face cachée de l’homme… the dark side of the moon… la noirceur de l’äme forcément….

    Great poem.

    • And when the words are given time to sufficiently develop the imagery, you soon see the ever growing shades of dark, and not so appealing sides of man that come into focus. Exposure is our only hope for correction!

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