7 thoughts on “Episode 23: Friendship Through the Voice of Poet, Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Thank you, dear Paulette, for your most welcome and ongoing support! This and the reason for it, apart from the addiction necessary to persist in this difficult at times medium, has us persevere in our chosen style of reflection scribbles that ultimately brings no end of pleasure.



    • Hi Paulette – I have just completed a short podcast with my niece who has adopted a rescue dog from Mexico. I have no idea how a husky ended up in a warm climate?!! YIKES. Anyway, I will be featuring your blog and books and the 317 dogs that you have rescued from kill shelters. Will let you know when I publish. We are an amazing trio – you, Jean-Jacques & me. We are changing the world by simply believing in the possibility of building a resilient society.

      • Thank your niece for adopting a rescue dog from Mexico. Hearing that made my day. And how kind of you to mention doing a post and highlighting rescue dogs. I’m grateful. And yes to our wonderful connection, you, JJ, and me. xox

  1. That was a wonderful podcast by Rebecca! I adore the 2 poems on friendship that she read. She has an excellent voice, whether interviewing, or reading poetry. Thank you to both of you!

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