“ Man In A Hurry ” ~ is doing us in ~


Will we hence find,

Else ne’er know

To tell ‘tis time,

We’ve need to slow

Man in a hurry,

Or soon be thence

When far too late

To tame this state…


Yet should one hold

Clocks be set bold,

To fix the pulse

A slower rate,

For all to move

At homologous pace,

Mightn’t we discover

One another,

Thus man in a hurry

In a tranquil place,

To finally face

He is doing us in,

With reckless haste!


3 thoughts on ““ Man In A Hurry ” ~ is doing us in ~

  1. Very good poem that reminds me of the book L’homme pressé by Paul Morand.
    “- L’homme est une aiguille aimantée qui ne connaît pas le repos, dit Pierre. – – Excepté au pôle… – – Ouais! Dans les glaces du pôle, dans la mort…”

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