“ Misery ” ~ loves company ~


Misery ’tis said

Loves company,

Tho in its stead

Enjoys at times

To fix a stay,

In my poor head,

The while it plays

Its dismal spell,

Planting seeds

Of ominous deeds

Draggled from hell,

When thus for days

Till dusk ignites

I’m made to suffer

Misery’s company,

And alas as many nights!

                                                                                ode to all separatists


3 thoughts on ““ Misery ” ~ loves company ~

  1. Good work JJ. Thank god (small g) you don’t take yourself seriously. You would drive us all to drink (more).
    Don’t let your irony stop you from voting tomorrow. And PLEASE, not liberal (small l’.

    • Vote already cast, advance poll, and surely not for the (rot big r) on either side of the trough. Seriously? Please explain the application of the word in this Pepsi minded province looking for mama in dinosaur Marois.

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