“ The Death Of Youth ” ~ an ineluctable demise ~


The death of youth

Be not easy

To grasp as truth,

Destined must

Be so replaced,

Rendering thus

An altered state,

Though dispiriting

As youth’s fate,

Means be alive

If not beyond,

Ineluctable demise…


Hence youth’s adjust

To deal with age

Be hardly just,

Made so compose

With dwindling days,

When point but reached

Life’s ordained way,

Be yet blurred concern,

To grasp the death of youth!      



“ Of Memory ” ~ a test of time ~


Remember when

Memory was friend,

Not long ago

In child’s hood,

When he’d no need

Of adult understood,

The while did find

Be rid of time

For aberrant ways,

Tho soon to reach

Stage memory fails,

Said so to fashion

Less worthy tales,

Those tests of time

When memory ails!