Writing – need there be reason –


Why do you write

Asked unabashed,

As tho an answer

Other than need,

May even succeed

In shedding light…                  


Forces be real

I heard my reply,

Helps  touch why

Tho ne’er quite sure

My words truly fly…


What do you write           

She offers in spite,

My hazy taunts

Not meant be trite,

I scribble of time

That shadows mine,

To divert attention

If lot whispers of death…


Fate may deny

Time I have left,

So while I’ve breath

And feelings to best,

I’ll write with my soul 

Thus wants life bold,

Without reason or why

For as long as I’ll get!

“ A String Of Words ” ~ to fashion verse ~


A string of words

Lucidly engaging,

That resonate accord,

Would that one hears

Such harmony,

Be worthy of recall…


Words not taxing,

But of a matter

As to epitomize

A stimulant,

Poised to seed

A notion’s need,

To fashion verse

Laudably such,

Scopes lyrical touch…


Hence so I seek

That elusive utter,

Would thus entreat

The gods of verve,

Grant impetus

To impart the skill

That colours prose,

For a string of words

Wouldst thus compose,

A fit poetic propose!