“ The Wanderer ” ~ on solid ground ~


I’d drifted round

Wanting for life

On terra firma,

Tho near full span

I’ve not yet found

To understand,

The held wonders

I failed endorse,

Accepting state

Akin to vegetate,

What life abounds

There to taste,

Instead of waste

All that surrounds,

While I the wanderer          

Has not yet found,

The likely bounds

Offers but solid ground!


“ Expiry Date ” ~ a constant threat ~


‘Tis said of life

With death

Walks hand in hand,

Yet to this end

A constant threat


Such be held fears

Tho shan’t have say

Wouldst linger near

Till life’s expiry date,

Hence ye meant find

In that ensuing place

Said peace of mind,

Held too soon there,

Might we alas discover,

The wonders of life’s fare

The while we be alive!