“ Wanting To Know ” ~ all that I should ~


I wanted to know

All I ought sow

Witless I could,

Said thus to grow

As I hence would,

Mentally held so

From a first step,

To fractured words

Not yet understood,

In retrospect

Held become clear,

Though I await

The while I fear,

Awaited wisdom

Trusted appear,

Vacates my recall

From coveted keep,

Be prized most of all…


Alas where to go

From so long ago,

Attempt find whom

Had gotten to know,

Or who might tell

Not long yet gone,

Tho likely in hell

As I may as well,

Try wanting to know,

Now all that I should!


“ November ” ~ to remember ~

How could I not


Fate had chose


To death encumber

Exiguous shoulders,

And suffer weight

Of lamentable state,

With words inapt

In witless pap,

For just departed father

So long ago that November,

A then boy would remember!

                                                                      ode to 39 year old father

“ Man’s World ” ~ his 21st century rule ~


What we’ve attained

Said reprehensible,

Suffer man’s world

Affecting all creatures,

Of appetite incessant

In inhuman capacity,

Man pilots a wily aim,

For  insatiate rapacity…


Should you survive

This forced endure,

Of man’s taxonomy,

For failed sane fools,

Whose witless crazes

Of sanguinary drool,

Wants but discharge

A denouement barrage,

With care less penchant

For exercising cruel,

Thus you’ll be witness

As man’s world expires

In his 21st century rule!