“ If Only ” ~ wishful thinking ~

If only

Wishful thinking

Evidenced an inkling

Of probable reality,

Mightn’t so endorse

That of every wish

Held dreamers,

Be credible of course,

Save the odd amiss

Finds wasted time,

For likely be but myths

Of disquieting design…


If only

Suffering wants,

Said wishful thinking

Be thus understood,

One may not opt bidding

For mind game’s likelihood!


“ Once More ” ~ just as before ~


I long to see

Once more

As clearly

As before,

The faces

As I’d known…


It’s only now

As I grow wise

I’d realize,

The child then

Did think of life,

As without end,

All to be there

Just as before,

Thus so until

One’s tired eyes

Should be no more!