“ Winter Seeks ” ~ cast its icy spell ~


On appointed day

Nature will decay,

For winter seeks

To cast its icy spell,

Hence find its way

Into its revived hell,

The while will chase

Fall from its peek,                                                         

And Frost held Jack

Means claim its stake

From world now grey,

To render frigid white

A winter’s blustery wake…


“ A Lazy Winter Day ” ~ drizzly and grey ~


It’s a lazy winter’s day

Drizzly and grey,

Abiding bedims’ tune,

Bordering on gloom

Of short winter days,

And gusty afternoons

That begs for sunshine

Ever gone too soon,

As if forced to decline

Behind a wistful moon,

Frustrating sun’s way

Arresting its warm boon,

On a lazy winter’s day!

“ Thin Skin ” ~ of time ~

Move on

It’s but one turn,

In your thin skin

Of time,

Make room

Tho you may think

You are immune,

With feelings young,

Enough to change

With each full moon…


Your nature

To take risk

Back then be fine,

When a near miss

Be akin to easy kiss, 

Save but life now

Holds near the winter

Of your seasons,

Calls for reason…


So think ahead

The while you find

To keep your head,                                              

For quite  likely

You’ve feelings

Of good stead,

Those left behind

Yet far from dead,          

Though well ahead,

Of held thin skin of time!

“ Autumn Leaves ” ~ on a shivery eve ~


As autumn leaves

A shivery eve,

Shadows fall

Upon my mind,

Obscuring shades

While vista fades,

I’m made to feel

Nature betrayed

What summer gave

In sun filled days…


Thus autumn leaves

My soul behind,

A summer hostage

Of pleas ignored

To keep alive,

Fair weather skies

And butterflies …


Soon winter’s blast

Will cast a haze,

To chase the last

Of autumn leaves,                                                        

And Frost said Jack

Will come awake

In a world grey,

And blustery wake…


Tho I’d turn back

Fall season’s clock,

Nature chose hold

Its mortal code,

For Thanatos

To now wrest

Last season’s hold

On autumn leaves,

To thus make way,                             

For winter’s cold!